We recommend aesthetic and practical kennels for all kinds of dogs which ensure proper conditions for the dogs and permanent protection of your property against destruction. Frames are made of steel  sections filled with:

pipes with span 5 or 8 cm,
5x5cm welded grid,

The advantages of kennels’ modularity are::
possible configuration due to arbitrary solutions.

The solutions meet the European Union regulations.

The door opens inwards, which eliminates dog attack risk.

Due to revolving door equipped with feeder, direct contact with the animal is excluded.

The floor is made of boards fixed to wooden square-sawn timbers. The wood is impregnated by means of animal-friendly agents.

The roof is made of trapezoid sheet attached to an adjustable supporting construction.

Example sets

Example sets

Example sets

Available height: 164cm or 184cm;
Pipe spacing: 8cm, 5cm; width: 3m; 2m; 1,5m; 1m

Example sets


height: 95cm pipe spacing: 5cm width: 2m; 1,5m; 1m