Outdoor telecommunicative network cabinets

It is a comprehensive coverage of devices real-time aiding the telecommunicative system. The product is designed to be assembled outdoors.
Its design ensures optimal effectiveness of all equipment work in various locations regardless of weather conditions.

Advantages – Waterproof, weather resistance and compact-built which ensures the possibility of combining into various shapes according to customer’s request.
If required, the cabinets may be electromagnetically tight. All the mentioned above were proved by laboratory research and given inertational certificates.
The cabinets are equipped with locking systems and opening detector, what effectively protects against unauthorized access.

Material – all the walls are made of polyurethane sections (commonly called sandwiches), namely insulting plates consisting of foam, covered with sheet aluminium on both sides and powder coated (colour RAL). The cabinets are integrated with electrical network which is equipped with heating and fans in order to maintain the optimal thermic condition of all the machines or devices.