Military covers

These are specific covers that are used by certain troops subordinate to the Ministry of National Defence.

Advantages : The main advantage of these covers is protection against electromagnetic information infiltration and the influence of electromagnetic devices. The covers are functional and resistant. The product is made of hardened sheet, processed on digitally controlled machines, such as a specialized tool called “roller-ball”. As the process provides highly resistant sheets, the usage of thicker ones has been excluded. The specifications of the covers fulfill all the requirements of The Ministry of National Defence

Materials : A wide range of materials has been used to produce the covers, namely steel sheets, aluminium sheets, brass, copper and synthetic plastics. Technological processes consist of different types of electroplating, such as cadmium plating, galvanizing and chromium plating. The construction of covers is first welded and then soldered. The exterior of covers is powder coated, all according to customer’s reques