About us


Our office employs a group of experienced engineers, designing and creating projects for individual orders.


The company is equipped with die sheares and edgers, all digitally controlled, what ensure total repeatability. All the machines enable mass production of all kinds of casings, covers and structure components made of sheet aluminium, galvanized iron, stainless steel and black plate, as well. Moreover, the company owns machining equipment, such as lathes, milling machines, drills, sheet cutters and section cutting-off machines. Above all, we have got welding machines (steel and aluminium), as well as, welders used for sheets and bolts. Also, we use press for bolts, sleeds of PEM type and several hydraulic presses.


We have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 – certified by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance


The company is situated on route 216 from Reda to Władysławowo

25 km from Port of Gdynia to Aldaz

38 km from Lech Wałęsa Rębiechowo Airport to Aldaz

7 km from Reda to Aldaz


Aldaz takes on only highly qualified employees, who are experienced in designing, manufacturing and assemblying all sorts of casings, covers, cabinets, various types of accessories and many more.

  • Optical fibre casings – made of galvanized iron and powder coated, in constant production for 3 years;
  • Cable endings casings – made of sheet aluminium or black plate and powder coated;
  • Cable joints – used in warehouses and by installing companies; made of sheet aluminium and powder coated;
  • Gas terminal casings – produced exclusively for companies dealing with gas and electric networks, made of black plate and powder coated;
  • Telecommunicative network cabinets – made of polyurethane modules commonly known as “sadwiches” and sheet alumium, powder coated
  • Multi purpose cabinets – for schools, offices, changing rooms, etc.; manufactured in sets and in different sizes, made of black plate, powder coated;
  • Military covers;
  • Safety covers for cable wells – used by communitation network operators, made of steel, galvanized after the manufacturing process is completed
  • Telephone boots and island station roofs – used by communication network operators, made of aluminium, tempered glass and equipped with electic wiring – lighting;
  • Distribution frames – used by communication network companies, made of aluminium, steel or black plate, powder coated;
  • Shipyard equipment – cable channels, ladders and struts, made of either black plate or galvanized iron;
  • Fencings – made of sections and thin-walled pipes, galvanized after the manufacturing process is completed; and various other products designed and manufactured for individual orders;